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Hemingway on Time Cover, 1937


Old Man and the Sea Time Mag Cover

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Welcome to the Hemingway Resource Center.          Ernest Hemingway was the most influential writer of the last century.  Explore our site to learn more about his adventurous life and his groundbreaking literary work. 


Check out our comprehensive biography of Hemingway.  From his birth to his final days, this page will provide valuable information to help in your research! We've broken it up into seven sections for easier reading.  Start here and then click the "next" link at the bottom of each biography page to move forward.

Message Boards
Visit our new message boards and post your questions about Hemingway's life or work and let our well-read visitors take a shot at answering it.  One of our most popular features.  Visit

New!  We now have live eBay listings on our site so you can see the latest Hemingway related items up for auction.  A great way to view Hemingway specific eBay listings, and if you bid through our site, a great way to support  Take a look now!

We've listed some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.  Want some quick info?  This is the place to look.  Visit!

Listen to a brief clip of Hemingway reading his Nobel Prize acceptance speech.  We've also reprinted the text of his speech to help in your research. Also watch a brief video clip of Hemingway in action.  Visit!

Hemingway Links
A huge list of the best Hemingway sites on the web.  If you can't find it at our site take a look at our links page.  We've added some handy descriptions to help out.  Visit!

To help in your research we've compiled a list of Hemingway and Hemingway related books in our online bibliography.  While this is not a comprehensive bibliography it does represent the titles we currently have in our Hemingway Resource Center library.   Visit!

From time to time we're fortunate enough to interview authors of Hemingway related works or to receive articles by Hemingway aficionados.  Come inside to see articles and interviews you won't find anywhere else.  Click here!


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Custom Euro Oval Stickers
Oval Stickers and Euro Stickers

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