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From time to time we're fortunate enough to interview authors of Hemingway related works or to receive articles by Hemingway aficionados.  Click the links below to read feature articles you won't find anywhere else.  


The Tip of the Horn by Terin Tashi Miller Things you must know if you insist on running with the bulls in Pamplona...

Miller provides all the need to know info on running with the bulls in Pamplona.  Historical background and practical tips make this important reading for those of you intending to make the run.

On Bullfighting by Terin Tashi Miller
Terin Tashi Miller produces an in-depth look at the Spanish art of bullfighting.  Not meant as a defense or justification, but as an historical look at Spain's "Fiesta Nacional", and a way for readers of Hemingway to better understand his love of this living art form.  Clearly written, Miller's article is must reading for Hemingway students and teachers.


Pilgrimage to Cuba - In Search of Hemingway's Ghost by Tom Sanders 
Tom Sanders recently traveled to Cuba
in search of Hemingway's haunts.  In his new article Sanders shares his wonder of Cuba with details from all the Hemingway landmarks, including the Floridita, the Ambos Mundos Hotel, the Finca Vigia and more!  A rare look inside an off-limits country, including photos by the author.

Hemingway's Best Friend  by Tom Sanders
Charles and Lorine Thompson were the Hemingways' closest friends when they lived in Key West.  Read Tom Sanders' account of his 1970s meeting with the Thompsons.

Karsh Darn It!  An Inside Look at the Hemingway-Look-Alike Contest in Key West by Bob Orlin
Get the inside scoop on the Key West Hemingway look-a-like contest from one of its addicted contestants!

700 Yards In Hemingway's Shoes  Running with the bulls in Pamplona by Bob Orlin
Join  the author as he runs with the bulls in Pamplona.  A great read!

A Visit To Windemere by Bob Orlin
Orlin writes about a rare visit to Hemingway's boyhood summer home!


hemonwriting.gif (15250 bytes)

Ernest Hemingway on Writing, Edited by Larry Phillips, paperback, $ save $2.40!

One of our most popular books, this volume is  full of Hemingway's genius.  His views and advice on writing and the writing life are valid, informative and always entertaining.   Throughout this book are some of his most famous passages. This is a reissue of the hardcover version originally published in the eighties.  Makes a great gift for the Hemingway fan!  Click the title to order or for more info.




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