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The Hemingway Resource Center Short Story Contest> Winning Entries

We've now archived our past winning entries.  Click on the titles below to read all of the great stories! 

Past Winners:

Suzy Gets the Peaches by Caroline Kepnes (Fall/Winter 2003-04)

Sliver by Nicki Reno   (Spring/Summer 2003)

A Week of Decades by S. Matheny (Fall/Winter 2002-03)

Squirrel by Carolyn Miller (Spring-Summer 2002)

Yankee Doodle Daddy by Leanne Cloudman (Fall-Winter 2001-02)

Less Far To Fall by Mark Falkin (Spring 2001)

Questioning Michael Waller by John Sherman (Winter 2001)

Still by Michael J. E. Hanson (Fall 2000)

The Meglodon Curse by Tom Sanders (Summer 2000)

Waiting At The Railway Station by Randall Teal (Spring 2000)

Mr. Dearborn's Big Vacation by Philip Loyd (Winter 2000)

The Couch by Georgia Browne (Fall 1999)





Want to share your comments on the winning stories?  Visit our new message board devoted to writers to try your work out on other writers.  You'll be able to post excerpts of work, get critiques from other writers and develop a community to help fine tune your skills.  Click here!



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